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All of your stats and everything you’ve achieved in your favorite games in one place.

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Containing your nametag and all your connected accounts such as social media and gaming services you use. This includes Steam, Discord, Twitch, Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch, and many more.

Customize your favourite

Show who you are and what you have achieved. Gamecards enable you to individually represent yourself for every game you play. The Gamecard-Editor allows for a high degree of customization, enabling you to display your games the way you want. This way, you can include every game you could think of!

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The matching algorithm provides you with daily suggestions for people to play with. It checks if you play similar games on an equal skill level or simply share interests. You can even adjust the search preferences to your personal needs.

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Express yourself, stay up to date with achievements, and see the latest news about your favorite games. All of that and much more await you in your personal feed.

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Gamecard Editors

Our platform is currently only accessible to existing members. But you are welcome to use the Gamecard configurators for League of Legends, Spellbreak and Fortnite at any time. Don’t forget to give us feedback so that we can develop them further in your interest.

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League of Legends Gamecard Editor
Spellbreak Gamecard Editor
Fortnite Gamecard Editor

Level up your gaming life: Switch EasyShare

Get screenshots from your Nintendo Switch to where you actually want them. Simply connect your Google Photos and Twitter accounts to see the magic happen.

Gamecard Twitch Extension

Display your Gamecards during your stream to automatically share live stats and preferences.

The squad

We have background, proven gaming skills and vision to succeed.

Sven Astor

Marketing & Business Development

Sven is a media designer and marketing specialist. He studied advertising & market communication at the Stuttgart Media University. Back in 2006 he founded his first design and communication agency. Since then, he has been able to gain a wide range of experience both nationally and internationally, with his own clients and as a freelancer in numerous well-known agencies such as BBDO, Serviceplan, Mediaplus, oddity, interone.

After a short stopover as interim manager and head of marketing at myphotobook GmbH in 2017, he switched to consulting with a focus on Digital Leadership, Design Thinking and Change Management, with activities in the MediaLab Bayern or the Ideenkonsulat, among others.

As part of the APE-Alumni Network of the of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship he has a large network in the environment of communication, marketing and innovation agencies as well as in the start-up scene.

Kiki Sergel

Product & Design

Kiki Sergel studied media informatics in her bachelor's degree and then information sciences at the University of Regensburg. Already during her studies she gained experience at an small startup in the field of web design & development. The last two years she worked as a UX/UI designer at the Hoffmann Group and was responsible for the concept, design and implementation of digital products.

She has also been working as a freelance User Experience Designer for several years and is certified Scrum Product Owner. At she is responsible for the project management of product development as well as conception and implementation of design (product and branding).

Sebastian Di Luzio

Tech & Development

Sebastian Di Luzio studied computer science with focus on games engineering at the TU Munich. During his studies he developed a service for the gaming communication platform Discord, which is now used by more than 500,000 gamers worldwide. Through the development he gained valuable experience in technical product development and the targeted addressing of gamers.

With he is responsible for the technical planning and development (frontend and backend) of the platform according to his skills.

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